Human adventurers can be weekend warriors.
FawkesTrot gives dogs access to the rest of the week.

Adventure Packages

FawkesTrot Adventures provides our spirited Yukon dogs with two-hour off-leash group hikes. We pick them up prior, and chauffeur them home following their crusade for some well-earned repose. Your dog gives it a 12/10.
For their humans, FawkesTrot Adventures helps replace guilt, resentful stares, and the occasional pace-around-the-door, with peace of mind, and a fit, fulfilled, and chill furry family member. See you never, mopey mondays.

First Tracks

Our first hike of the day. Dogs meet us at FawkesTrot HQ, and we drop them off at home and tuck them in.

Second Tracks

Our second hike of the day. The crème de la crème. We take care of pick-up and drop-off. Your dog doesn’t even have to plug in the car.

Service Area

A map of the area that FawkesTrot is able to serve for pick-up and drop-off.


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Adventure Logistics

Earlier drop offs can usually be accommodated, just let us know the day prior and we would be happy to work it out. Unfortunately later drop-offs cannot be accommodated, because in order to stay on schedule, the FawesWagon must leave the station by 8:30AM.
Typically this is not feasible. In order to ensure that we stay within schedule, but if we reach a critical mass of interested canines in your subdivision, we might be able to offer a pick-up day in your area. In the meantime, if you have friends, family, or another location within our service area that is suitable for drop-off, we recommend signing up for our First Tracks pack and dropping your pup off on your way into town if that works for you.
Yes, fortunately we have a secure crate within the FawkesWagon to keep your pup in their own safe space while they travel, if they aren’t yet ready for the open shared area.


Unfortunately no, we must ensure that only dogs who are ready for all aspects of FawkesTrot’s program are able to register. This means your pup must be: At least approximately 1 year of age (for safety reasons during growth. If you have a smaller breed we may be able to accommodate younger) Not dog or human aggressive. We do not expect your dog to be unwaveringly friendly, but we need to ensure that dogs on our hikes are relatively balanced behaviourally, and do not react to new dogs, humans, or circumstances with an inappropriate level of reactivity or aggression. Safety for all is of the utmost importance on our adventures. Able to Recall Reliably. We do not expect prompt perfection, but we do need relative reliability. If you are not able to call your dog in, away from an oncoming person or new dog on a trail in most circumstances, it is likely that your dog is not quite ready for our off leash pack environment. If this is the case, we strongly recommend registering for a class with Top Dog Training Academy. We find that dogs who have graduated at a Level One Advanced level have received thorough and sufficient training for FawkesTrot Adventures, including reliable recall. We are more than happy to accommodate and appropriately use tools that you have conditioned your dog with for recall such as e collars. Able to travel comfortably in vehicles. If your dog suffers significant anxiety when riding in vehicles, we advise pursuing further training to achieve a calm, confident mindset surrounding vehicles. FawkesTrot must be able to recall a dog and load them into the FawkesWagon following our adventures, and typically this can only happen successfully if the pup is comfortable with vehicles. With new dogs, we use our first hike as an assessment, and if they do not seem quite ready for the program, we will happily refund your hike and recommend next training steps to build your dog’s off-leash skills and reliability.
We do require that you contact us by the final business day (usually friday), at minimum, of the week prior to your dog’s desired hike. This gives us the opportunity to ensure space, schedule your dog’s hike, and confirm the schedule with you.


If you know prior to your pack member subscription start date, that you will be missing a single hike, we will happily plan for it, and reduce your payment accordingly. However, once your subscription period has begun and payment has been made, your rate for the two-month period is set, regardless of absences. Please do contact us as soon as you know that you may miss a hike, as we may be able to schedule a replacement hike depending on availability.

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